Stavekollen 637 moh


This is a nice trip for both adults and children, and you will get a spectacular view over the mountains in Sykkylven and the fjord. This trip takes about 1,5 hour and can be categorized as a medium trip.



The trip starts at the top of Grautåsen on Ikornnes, to get there follow FV 60 from the center of Sykkylven, turn right when you reach Sykkylven bridge, turn left in the roundabout, and then turn right at the next intersection and follow the road up to the end of Grautåsen. Here is a parking lot. The first part of the road is gravel road, when you see a sign that shows Kaldalsstølen here the forest path begins. When you reach Kaldalsstølen you will see a sign that shows where that path begins up to Stavekollen, the path is steep until you reach the top. When you have reached the top the path will show you to the vantage point.