Rømerhornet 866 moh


This is a nice trip that can be recommended, it is a varied terrain and you will get an amazing view of Sykkylven and other municipalities when you reaches the top. This trip can be categorized as a moderately demanding trip and it takes about 1,5 -2 hours to reach the top of the mountain.


The starting point is on Aurdal, you follow the road towards Ramstaddal, follow Dalevegen until you reaches the intersection towards Haugset, turn off here and drive 50 meters and turn left towards Aurdal, follow the road to the end.

From the parking area there is a forest road approximately 800 meters, the path starts at the beginning of the spruce forest, look for signs in trees/stone blocks that shows where the path starts. It can be a bit difficult to follow the path since it is a little blured. When you have finished the forest, you will find a good path that will lead you all the way up to the top. The path goes along a marsh through the birch forest and after then follow the mountain ridge up to the top.


Reference: morotur.no