Brunstadkollen 847 moh


This is a wonderful and idyllic place and here they have built a cabin that can be used by everyone, if desired contact Arnt brunstad on telephone: 92648130 or Hege Brunstad on telephone: 91310068 to borrow the cabin. This can be a starting point for a longer walk in the majestetic Sunnmørsalpane. The trip up takes about 1,5 hours and can be categorized as a medium trip.



The trip starts on Brunstad in Velledalen. Follow FV 60 until you see a sign that shows Brunstad, turn down here, then follow the road to the waterworks where there are opportunity for parking. Continue along the forest road to Brunstad shieling. When you have passed the bridge and have come up to the shieling, you walk up the road between the first two cabins. Here is a nice and good trail, in the beginning there is a bit of forest and it is quite steep the first part of the trail, and then it will flatten out a little after as you approach Storevatnet and Brunstadkollen.